who we are

At The Identity of She, we are a community of bold and confident women who believe in empowering each other through self-expression and self-care. Our mission is to inspire and uplift women to embrace their true identity and live life with purpose and passion. Through our products, content, and community, we strive to create a safe and inclusive space where women can be themselves and celebrate their unique journey.

We are a black female-owned
and operated brand

We're passionate about
empowering women, men and
the non-binary community

Our mission is to help all
humans feel confident and
comfy in their own skin

We strive to create a
community where
everyone feels welcome

We are an all-female
entrepreneur team of dedicated
people committed to making a
positive impact on the world

meet our ceo

Eboni Lacey started The Identity of She in 2015 as a self-help blog geared toward women. At the time she was interning for a prominent magazine who was so impressed with her writing that the company asked her to start a blog. She slowly grew the blog to address numerous issues she felt needed a unique style of voice. These issues include diversity, body positivity, feminism and equality.

Soon after the blog developed, Eboni decided to launch clothing as she desired to make an even bolder statement in society.

"There's something quite phenomenal about seeing a powerful slogan on a t-shirt," Eboni said. "It literally fuels my spirit. Creating strong statements to be worn around the world lets society know that we are not joking about who we are. We deserve to live in a society where we are accepted and appreciated no matter how big, how black, how feminine or how gay we are."

In addition to TIOS she also works as a peer support counselor and program director for a mental health facility. She hopes to one day grow The Identity of She into a global empire and create more platforms for female-owned and operated businesses and girl bosses around the globe.